Training Rides

$40 on site

$40 plus travel/ off site



Training Board

  • Show: $1000/ month plus board (5 rides/lessons per week, riding or coaching at shows, show prep)

  • Full: $750/ month plus board (5 rides/lessons per week)

  • Half: $450/ month plus board (3 rides/lessons per week)


  • Working with green or problem horses is my favorite part of training.  I love the challenge and love watching the horses change and progress.  Whether your horse just needs a little tune up, basic training, to get started, or help fix a problem, I would love to help.


Laundry Service

  • $20/month (includes stable sheets and rain sheets, but not winter blankets)
  • Sheets, stable blankets $10/wash $20 with waterproof.
  • Medium weight $15 wash, $25 waterproof.
  • Heavy weight $15 wash, $30 waterproof.


  • $45 on farm
  • $60 within 30 minutes of Andover, NH
  • $60 + travel fee over 30 minutes

Show Prep

  • Braiding-$30-45
  • Bath- $25
  • Clip- $10 (muzzle, bridle path, ears, coronet bands)
  • Full prep $50 (bath, braid, clip

Body Clipping

  • Full body w/face - $150
  • Full body w/o face and legs - $100
  • Trace clip- $75
  • Ponies- vary on clip style



  • $10-$25 Vet/Farrier (this is for any service unrelated to regular spring/fall shots)



100x200 sand arena.  

50' Round Pen

Do you have a green or young horse?  The round pen is a great place to work.


We have a large array of show jumps and fillers.  We often have a full ring  set.

We have several small cross county jumps 18"-2'.

Outdoor Wash Rack

We have a nice wash rack with hot and cold water.


There is ample storage in our large tack room and outbuilding.  This allows boarders to leave all their horse belongings at the barn.


We have loads of trails on property as well as off.  Our main trail leads up to the Ragged mountain Fish and Game club trails.  These then branch off to the Proctor Academy Trail system.

A 5 minute walk takes you to the Northern Rail Trail system.  You can ride for days in either direction on maintained sand/gravel trails.  Coming off the rail trail are many snow mobile trails that are grass and dirt.