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Farm Animals

Along with our horses we have a small farm with goats, pigs, and poultry.

American Guinea Hogs

We raise and sell a small breed of homesteading pig, the American Guinea Hog.  They are very friendly and love to have snacks from your fridge.


We raise and sell goats and milk.  Our does are Alpine and Oberhausli/Nubians.  They enjoy a good snack on Christmas trees and pumpkins.


We raise and sell chicken eggs.  We have a large array of breeds from white to brown to green to blue and everything in between.  They make a healthy meal and the yolks are a gorgeous dark orange.



We have added more ducks due to the high demand for their eggs.  We now have Cayuga (black/grey egg), mixed Swedish, and Muscovies.



Our geese are now of age and have just stared to lay eggs.  These are massive eggs (4 times the size of a chicken, double a duck).  Very limited.

$5/ half dozen